Rethink Child Care: There is a better way.

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Health Care : public solutions 

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What is the Health Accord?

The Health Accord is a legal agreement between the federal and provincial/territorial  governments on health care funding. Running from 2004 to 2014, this 10-year plan recommitted leaders to the Canada Health Act, set wait time and other goals, and increased health care funding by 6 per cent each year.

For more on these changes and why they are needed read the following backgrounder:

Let’s rebuild our economy:10percent_PEI Buy locally

The 10% is a campaign sponsored by CUPE PEI.  The 10% Shift is a small step that every Islander can take to make a difference in our province.

Employment Insurance: Scrap the changes

Employment Insurance: Scrap the changes

The changes show an evident lack of understanding of the reality of workers and our economy, especially the rural economy.

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P3webeng_small-1Ask the right questions about P3s

In this guide, economist John Loxley takes a critical look at the case for and against using public-private partnerships (P3s) for municipal infrastructure

His analysis goes beyond the claims made by P3 promoters to examine the costs and consequences of privatizing vital community assets. Through a series of questions, Dr. Loxley outlines the problems that accompany infrastructure and service privatization, and highlights the value of keeping vital assets and services public.

With growing financial and political pressure on municipalities to use P3s, this guide is a timely resource that answers key questions about financing and delivering infrastructure projects.

With this guide, municipal councillors and civic officials will be able to ask the right questions before considering entering into a P3.