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Health Care : public solutions 

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What is the Health Accord?

The Health Accord is a legal agreement between the federal and provincial/territorial  governments on health care funding. Running from 2004 to 2014, this 10-year plan recommitted leaders to the Canada Health Act, set wait time and other goals, and increased health care funding by 6 per cent each year.

For more on these changes and why they are needed read the following backgrounder:

Let’s rebuild our economy:10percent_PEI Buy locally

The 10% is a campaign sponsored by CUPE PEI.  The 10% Shift is a small step that every Islander can take to make a difference in our province.



Employment Insurance: Scrap the changes

Employment Insurance: Scrap the changesThe changes show an evident lack of understanding of the reality of workers and our economy, especially the rural economy.


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